Let me tell you what a scar is: An open wound — unhealed A love — unfulfilled A dream — crushed A smile — unformed A friend — lost A mother — dead A desire — caged A life — unlived But death — not yet. Not yet, my friend. Not even when hope’s vanished. […]


I know there’s a God in us. An angel in her. A messiah in him. A believer in me. I know there’s a devil too. A Satan lurking somewhere close. Hiding its face, clenching-unclenching its restless claws. Ready to pounce. We have chained it. In our minds. And hearts. We have made devils of our […]


You haven’t seen love yet, Because just like Yashoda looking into the mouth of baby Krishna — you wouldn’t be able to take it. It’s that large, that deep, that bright, that unworldly. And to reach it’s epicentre of blinding brightness, You will have to cross oceans of darkness. Of unbearable agony. Of blinding illusions. […]

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter

Ya, well. I wouldn’t start by saying the obvious. The obvious…you ask, what’s that? Let me not spoil the fun by stating it. Let me instead tell you that the night you were born, there was someone who calmed you down, when you wailed like a new born baby. You were in fact newly born. Barely […]