Bahubali and Mythology

Renewed Interest in Indian Mythology

Bahubali has made cinematic history in the second week of its release by grossing Rs. 500 crores worldwide. People are dying to watch Bahubali, Bhallaladeva, Kattappa, Sivgami, Devasena on screen. And to the chagrin of cine goers, there are no tickets available during weekends, even though 6500 cinema halls  (largest number so far) are running multiple shows in Hindi, Tamil,Telegu and Malayalam. […]

Girl Gone Bad

Domestic Noir and I

It all started with Gone Girl. I mean, not that we didn’t know about it earlier. It’s just that we kind of woke up to it, after Rosamind Pike played Amy Dunne with cold-blooded precision and Ben Affleck nailed it as her hapless husband Nick Dunne — in the on-screen adaption of Gillian Flynn’s book […]