Chitrangada Mukherjee was born and raised in Tripura. She’s majored in History from Calcutta University and in Marketing Management from SCDL, Pune and worked as a teacher–trainer, content writer-editor and English quiz master for a decade. She loves to grass walk, stare at the ocean and drink tea — in no particular order.

Chennai is her hometown now. She lives in the coastal city with her daughter and husband and has authored a book named Wants and Desires. On most days, you will find her writing her third book (her second book which is a romantic comedy will be published by an A-list publisher in 2018) listening to music on her headphones, teaching her students, sharing profound thoughts with her 6-year old daughter, or expressing her views on fb (not on twitter).

If you like, what she writes or you don’t, please let her know by leaving a comment. And yes, you can find her on facebook on www.facebook.com/writeandeditchitrangada or www.facebook.com/chitrangada.mukherjee

Her insta handle is — writetobesaneandinsane

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