I know there’s a God in us.
An angel in her.
A messiah in him.
A believer in me.

I know there’s a devil too.
A Satan lurking somewhere close.
Hiding its face, clenching-unclenching its restless claws.
Ready to pounce.

We have chained it. In our minds.
And hearts.
We have made devils of our vices and put them out as effigies. And idols.
We have given them shapes. And names.
We have burnt them. To feel better.
To lighten our souls.

We have made gods of our goodness. And virtues.
Goddesses of our love–
extraordinary womanly strength,
and admiration for eveything beautiful.

Our idols.
Our gods.
And goddesses–
are our dreams and nightmares.
Our dungeons and clear skies.
Our cesspools and sun-lit springs.
Our battles within and without.

They are–

Chitrangada Mukherjee


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  1. Pushpendra Pandya

    Something calming,
    something surreal.

    Splashes of stormy thunder,
    and nostalgic bench of lovers.

    You have a very powerful way of conveying your message. Liked the intensity. Keep up with your beautiful mind and awesome writing.

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