There's a ocean in us

The Ocean in Us


There’s a ocean in your heart. Don’t let it dry.

There’re mountains you’ve climbed.
Don’t you forget that.
There’re forests that are dark. And you know you will get past it. With your eyes open. And your heart racing.
There’re bridges to build. On which I must lay the first stone. And you shall cement it.
There’s a Milky Way in your head. And I know you float in it everyday.
But you like the ocean more. Much more than the Milky Way.

The ocean I love too. The swish-swash of the foamy hillocks. The breezy white cottony sky. The grey-white broken shells peeping from the moving sand.
The group of  yous and mes — wetting their bodies in abandon.

I love the big child that we let loose. In the sea.

There’s a ocean in us. Dormant. Naïve. Technology-free.
Let’s not handcuff it.
Let’s not block our vision with selfie sticks.
Let’s play in the fathomless blue.
Playfully drag our oceans to meet the sea.

#chitrangada mukherjee


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