You shouldn’t give up because he doesn’t like you. Or what you do.
You shouldn’t stop because she demanded it of you. Or you think she hates you.
You have dreams. So do I!
Then, let’s not waste time and play shut-eye.

Can we kill what we see? Everyday. Each hour.
Can we pretend that the grapes aren’t actually sour?

We won’t cut our feet because it doesn’t fit-in the shoe we bought.
Then how can we mercilessly destroy that beautiful thought?
Because it sounds laughable.
Because it looks impossible.
Because we are too gullible.

Dreams are just that. Big. Stupid. Child-like. Impractical.
But when it turns real. It becomes success. Masterpiece. Vision.
It turns into a man with a grand ambition.
A resilient woman with a faraway vision.

So hold on to your dreams.
Hold onto You.
It’s more important than hearing someone say: “I love you.”
Because I-love-yous become I-hate-yous in no time.
But a dream which is the best part of you, if nurtured–
Will last you a lifetime.


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