A poem by Chitrangada Mukherjee

The Jungle


I see the truth. When I’m in a jungle. Walking on the green. Encircled by it.

Calmed by its unadulterated warmth. It’s the faces I fear. The untruths. The illusions…

It’s always the opaque eyes. The fraudulent smiles. The polite assurances.

The unfettered promises.

Insentient skeletons. They fill my reality. My nightmares.

I look for the wild. The buzzing-with-insects wild. The infested with venomous snakes wild.

I know I can face that. I know I will survive that.

It’s the faces, I fear. The concrete towns. The unfeeling hearts. The empty souls.

Let me walk back to the jungle one more time.

One last time. Before I return to my life. My reality. My nightmare.



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