My friend, my inspiration

No, I’m Not Afraid


Why should I be afraid to call you my friend?

Why should I follow the maid-shaming hep trend?
Why should I shy away from saying “hi” when you walk into the lift?
Why should I not eat the idli you give me as gift?
Why should I not hug you when you are in tears?
Why should I not ask god to answer your earnest prayers?

They are wrong. All wrong.
Who see a maid. Just a maid. A poor dirty maid. Who works non-stop.
I know you need the money you hard-earn by brandishing the mop.

Don’t listen to them. I don’t.
Don’t give up. I most certainly won’t.

Be my power woman. My inspiration.
A not-so-young woman who takes care of her ailing man.
My pal, my idol, my daily motivation.


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