The Wild

I looked for the wild in vain. It’s not like I didn’t get drenched in the rain. Or stopped my tears when he left me in pain. Or she, my friend of years showed her blatant disdain. I did look for the broken branches in the jungle. The ones which were uprooted and chopped. The […]


You shouldn’t give up because he doesn’t like you. Or what you do. You shouldn’t stop because she demanded it of you. Or you think she hates you. You have dreams. So do I! Then, let’s not waste time and play shut-eye. Can we kill what we see? Everyday. Each hour. Can we pretend that […]


You haven’t seen love yet, Because just like Yashoda looking into the mouth of baby Krishna — you wouldn’t be able to take it. It’s that large, that deep, that bright, that unworldly. And to reach it’s epicentre of blinding brightness, You will have to cross oceans of darkness. Of unbearable agony. Of blinding illusions. […]

A poem by Chitrangada Mukherjee

The Jungle

I see the truth. When I’m in a jungle. Walking on the green. Encircled by it. Calmed by its unadulterated warmth. It’s the faces I fear. The untruths. The illusions… It’s always the opaque eyes. The fraudulent smiles. The polite assurances. The unfettered promises. Insentient skeletons. They fill my reality. My nightmares. I look for […]