Wants and Desires

Wants and Desires — A Psychological Thriller


Sukanto Bhattacharjee, sole heir of the wealthy Bhattacharjee family, dies a few days before his 35th birthday. Leaving behind a shocked mother, hapless wife, tormented friend and a paranoid paramour. Sukanto wasn’t brutally murdered. On the contrary, he was found dead in his study, sleeping peacefully. His autopsy report, too, indicates organ failure. And yet, the about-to- retire Superintendent of Police, Mr Roy, is not convinced. Because of an intriguing letter, written by Sukanto, on his dying day and placed carefully under his favourite crystal jug. Confused, SP Roy decides on calling in the mysterious forensic psychiatrist — Atanu to help. As Atanu enters
Bhattacharjee Bari and gets talking to its peculiar and complex residents, unnerving secrets are revealed, making it clear that reckless wants and unfulfilled desires can be a potent cause for…murder.

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