Why Write Anything?


I mean…Let’s be honest, writing isn’t a profitable pursuit.  Well, not in India. You may want to be a full-time writer, you may have the skills and expertise too…but can you really pay your bills or save for the rainy days — if you become a full-time author?

Books are published every day, everywhere — be it on Kindle or in book stores by thousands of writers who want to tell a story of some kind. But who reads those…? More importantly, do these books reach the target audience? How do we make sure that it does? And if it doesn’t, why the hell are we writing. Anything.

It’s a classic vicious cycle. And my point is — its outright frustrating to be a writer. But the thing is, despite it all, once you get a taste of what you can do with words, it’s sort of difficult to give it up. Like they say, once a writer. Always a writer.

So here I am writing. Because I want to. Because I love to and because everything else begins and ends with words. Except god, maybe. So let’s explore the craft and business of writing — together and see if we can make sense of it…



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