Let me tell you what a scar is: An open wound — unhealed A love — unfulfilled A dream — crushed A smile — unformed A friend — lost A mother — dead A desire — caged A life — unlived But death — not yet. Not yet, my friend. Not even when hope’s vanished. […]


I know there’s a God in us. An angel in her. A messiah in him. A believer in me. I know there’s a devil too. A Satan lurking somewhere close. Hiding its face, clenching-unclenching its restless claws. Ready to pounce. We have chained it. In our minds. And hearts. We have made devils of our […]


Let’s think about something nice. Flowers. Trees maybe. Streams, waterfalls, silent rivers. Something pleasant and nice — never mind if it’s all sugar and spice. Let’s give our angry, bitter, melancholy selves a break. Let’s smell the flowers. Taste that chocolate fondant. Stare at the blue. And the green. Fly to a magical island in […]

There's a ocean in us

The Ocean in Us

There’s a ocean in your heart. Don’t let it dry. There’re mountains you’ve climbed. Don’t you forget that. There’re forests that are dark. And you know you will get past it. With your eyes open. And your heart racing.… There’re bridges to build. On which I must lay the first stone. And you shall cement […]

The Wild

I looked for the wild in vain. It’s not like I didn’t get drenched in the rain. Or stopped my tears when he left me in pain. Or she, my friend of years showed her blatant disdain. I did look for the broken branches in the jungle. The ones which were uprooted and chopped. The […]